How to get the perfect brow shape with Browlicious

Finding the correct brow shape for a new look can be a daunting task, there are a multitude of different brow shapes to choose from and choosing one that compliments your face shape or your style can seem impossible. By choosing the correct brow shape the entire eye area can be opened up and improve your face’s symmetry and can make you look fresh, rested and healthy. By looking at your face shape you can find the right eyebrow shape to suit you.

For those with a square shaped face, it is recommended to avoid an angular brow shape. This is due to a square jawline defining the angularity of the entire face. You should stick to having a softly groomed shape that accentuates the temple area of the face and defines the cheekbones.

If you have a more balanced, oval shaped face then a classic balanced brow works best. It is best for the head of the brow to start at the bridge of your nose whilst the arch of your eyebrows should be approximately two thirds of the way out. Finally the brow tail should be slightly longer than the outer corner of the eye for the perfect balance.

A flat, straight across brow with an extended brow tail is best for those with a longer face. This will help to highlight and exaggerate horizontal features and lead to a more balanced appearance to your face. Special care should be made to not extend eyebrow tails downwards for this face shape and instead extend straight across to avoid making your eyebrows appear droopy.

A rounded face needs assistance in creating definition to bone structure, you will want to aim for an angular look at the outer corners of their eyebrows to help with creating a balance. A strong arch can bring out your cheekbones as well as pull out and widen the eye area.

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