Laser treatment


Laser treatment aftercare

Laser removal is completely safe, but as with any semi-permanent skin treatments, it is important to take care of your skin. Please read the following instructions in order to keep your skin healthy following your NFL:tag laser removal.

· Do not expose skin to UV (sun exposure or the use of tanning beds) or self-tan for at least two weeks before and after treatment

· Do not shave the area for 72 hours after treatment

· Do not depilatory between laser treatments (with waxing, plucking, threading, or creams) unless advised by the technician to do so.

· Do not use bleaching creams or perfumed products for 48 hours

· Do not pick or scratch the treated area

· Leave any skin response alone (blisters) these are temporary and will subside.

· Avoid very hot baths, showers, steam baths or saunas and alike for 1 week after treatment

· Avoid swimming in string chlorinated water for one week

· Avoid exfoliating or peels for one week

· Avoid wearing tight clothing and rough sports for 48 hours

· Keep the area clean and dry

· Use a sunblock (minimum of spf 30+) and if appropriate, consider using protective cotton gloves for driving, a hat to protect facial areas and long trousers/socks to protects legs and ankles in the sun.

· Please note that hot and humid weather conditions can aggravate skin in the period immediately following treatment. If you have any questions no matter how irrelevant, or your situation, medication or medical conditions changes, please contact Browlicious immediately.