Why Choose Microblading

Who enjoys the hassle of shaping their eyebrows each morning in the rush before work, only to find that they’re uneven? Wouldn’t it be nice to just wake up with flawless, natural brows without any of the maintenance involved? With microblading this can be a reality. So what is microblading and why should you choose to have it done?

Microblading is a semi permanent brow design approach which endeavors to maintain the natural brows of the subject. In essence microblading is much like tattooing, during the microblading procedure a thin layer of pigment is sliced into the surface layers of the skin. The brows created by microblading will typically last for roughly a year before dissolving and the colour fades.

The procedure will usually take approximately 2 hours to be completed. It is not entirely painless but the similarities between traditional tattooing and microblading end here because the procedure is not considered to be close to the same sensation and is far less intense, it is also common place for numbing creams to be used to aid the client throughout the process.

The benefits of microblading, unlike other forms of eyebrow treatments such as eyebrow extensions, include requiring little in the way of maintenance except for an annual touch up. Microblading also allows for damaged eyebrows to become completely reinvigorated. The amount of time that you will save throughout the year that you would usually spend taking care of your brows will also more than make up for itself. On top of all that microblading makes your eyebrows look attractive, it is the gift that keeps on giving.

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